4 thoughts on “Sorry for the gap in posting”

  1. It’s good to have you back. I can stop worrying now.

    At least you left us with a post that kept a lot of people busy commenting, though it did result in our responding to your latest KRR posting before you put it up.

  2. Are we sure that wasn’t one of the sorcerous grandchildren posting, just to keep anyone from wondering what was wrong while PG becomes further ensorceled by unspeakable generation-skipping trustsrituals?

    No one on the internet knows you’re a kid.

    • My grandchildren are smart enough to know that there are much more lucrative targets for their sorcercy skills than their grandfather.

      • That’s exactly what I would expect a wily preteen sorceror to respond with: A nondenial denial. And practicing on grandpa is a good way to build up to those “more lucrative” targets.

        I foresee a future in M&A for whichever kid is actually behind this one. <vbeg>

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