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  1. Um, so was that Lore at the end? I never did see the movie where Data Dies For Real This Time, so I don’t know if that was his body in that drawer, or Lore’s. I remember Lore was disassembled and stored somewhere.

    And, in this continuity, does Vulcan still exist? I hope so, otherwise I’d have to assume that the 24th century would be very different without Vulcan and Romulus than it is with them — that whole Reunification arc wouldn’t happen, for one thing.

    I do like that they seem to be moving forward, rather than going back. Perhaps Seven of Nine and the Borg could mean we find out what happens in the post-Dominion war Federation. If CBS doesn’t have this air on Hulu / Prime / Netflix, I’m never going to see it, though.

    • Well, the trailer says 2020 for release. I will probably actually get their streaming for when it is on – and cancel as soon as it is over, they’ve never had anything on there that made it worth any kind of money.

      Really, I’m sure it will be another “woke” piece of garbage so far as plot goes, but I am an absolute sucker for anything that Sir Patrick appears in. (Every once in a while I have a fantasy about him being the next Doctor…)

      • By “woke piece of garbage” do you mean like how Gene Roddenberry wrote the original star trek with a multi-racial cast, a show that featured the first interracial kiss in tv history? Yeah, what a bunch of libtard garbage. /s

        • No, I mean a so-called plot that has only assertions, not questions. I could have said “Leftist propaganda” – which has the exact same problems as “Rightist propaganda.”

          For all that I don’t care for his political stances at all, Seth McFarlane has a far, far better show with The Orville than Star Trek Discovery will ever be. The plots ask questions – and don’t spoon feed the answers.

          • Roddenberry used the “diverse cast” mostly as propos (Uhura as receptionist, Checkov as comedy relief, and never delved into their history or backgroud as with Kirk and Spock) but he at least tried to show both sides of most philosophical issues.

            Ditto for STNG and ENTERPRISE, flawed as those shows were.
            In that respect DS-9 was tops (as in most things), especially with religion.

            DISCOVERY gets dinged because it is so narrow it doesn’t measure up to any of the older shows.

            Mostly it’s because they don’t get the essence of Trek, that the shows are about the *situation* around the protagonist, not about the protagonist. That is why most of the movies prove unsatisfying and DISCOVERY is shrugged off.

            The Treks will continue to flounder until the writers get it. They need to study 60’s and 70’s series structure.

    • It is the original continuity. So Vulcan exists.
      But it might be after Romulus was destroyed because Picard led a rescue armada somewhere.

      It’s Borg centric since it has both Seven of Nine and Hugh.
      Plus there’s the gutted cube.
      Janeway really did a number on them. 🙂

      • Janeway really did a number on them.

        Clearly, that was after I stopped watching 🙂

        I’m tempted to go find “Voyager” and pick up where I left off all those years ago.

        • It is strongly debated but she may have ended the collective as part of her scheme to use a Borg ship to get home. Not that anybody on the crew would admit she committed genocide.
          They had it coming. 😀

          Even before that she evolved multiple antiBorg tactics.
          The borg husk we see in the trailer might be her doing.

          Might be worth watching Picard to verify.

    • “I do like that they seem to be moving forward, rather than going back.”

      Maybe they’re moving forward in time, but Star Trek is now a perpetual nostalgia machine. Like Rich Evans said, it’s all names you know, places you know. Boring. Give me something new.

      • We are surrounded with new stuff. Every day there is new stuff. Anyone who wants new stuff has never had so much. Low brow Unwokes like me keep watching the old, boring stuff because we like it.

  2. “Um, so was that Lore at the end? I never did see the movie where Data Dies For Real This Time, so I don’t know if that was his body in that drawer, or Lore’s. I remember Lore was disassembled and stored somewhere.”

    That was probably a Holodeck simulation of Data. Data did download himself before dying in the last movie into an earlier model positronic brain, but it was left as ambiguous as to whether that was a successful backup.

    TL;DR – Probably not real data. Parts in storage was probably “B4” a pre-data/lore prototype found in the last movie.

    • Brent Spiner did a panel at SDCC recently, and he said he’d been authorized by Alex Kurtzman to say, truthfully, no joke, it was really Data at the end, and that it was B4 in the drawer.

      • Interesting. I always figured the “weakness” with continuing with Data as a character, is that Brent Spiner naturally ages. Whereas, Data is “immortal.” I wondered how clever writers might account for an older Spiner if they ever brought back Data. Maybe they had to wait for Hollywood’s “de-aging” technology to do this show.

      • Been a while since I watched Nemesis, but I recall that at the very end of that movie, there was a hint that Data had been downloaded into the B-4 android. (B-4 being physically pretty much exactly like Data.) So, if they built off of that, then Data’s personality/memories (being far more developed than B-4’s) could have overridden the native personality of B-4, essentially wiping him out of existence and replacing him with Data. The very ending of Nemesis hinted that this was beginning to happen, if I remember/interpreted it correctly.

        The aging thing as an excuse for killing him in the first place never really worked for me because I’m pretty sure there’s a comment in one of the episodes that there was an aging program. I can’t remember if it was a program in Data or possibly a program in the android replacement for Data’s “mother” (Soong’s wife; I think her name was Julianna?).

        Also pretty sure they brought him back in the novels already, though I haven’t read them and I don’t know if the current shows consider them canon.

  3. The CBS all access ‘only’ shoots this down for me.

    Though who knows? By 2020 this ‘splitting up to make more money’ may have backfired badly enough that they start rejoining Netflix and the like.

    Elsewhere I saw:

    “CBS’ channels in 17 markets (including New York, San Francisco and Atlanta) have gone dark on AT&T services like DirecTV Now and U-verse after the two companies failed to reach an agreement on a new carriage contract before the old one expired at 2AM ET on July 19th.”

    So things are getting messy/messier (I was working tech support when U-verse lost the Hallmark channels. “Sorry, sir/madam, we have no idea when (or if) AT&T will (ever) get the Hallmark channels back. No, I understand sales told you we had Hallmark. Cancellations? One moment please …”)

    • Most likely, I’ll wait until it’s available on blu ray. Then I’ll read reviews and see what fans of the older Trek (like me) think about it. (And I’m a millennial, so by ‘older Trek’ I mostly mean TNG/DS9/Voy fans.) Then decide whether to try it out.

      I so want to be excited for this, but Hollywood has proven many times in recent years that remakes/continuations like this aren’t actually for the older fans. Often, they spit directly in the face of the older fans. (Looking at you, Star Wars.) And I’m getting some serious Rey vibes from that “she’s so important” woman in the trailer, so I’m especially pessimistic about it.

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