The 50 Best Book Covers of 2021, as Chosen by Graphic Designers

From Book Riot:

AIGA (The American Institute of Graphic Arts) annually announces the 50 best book covers of the previous year, as chosen by a panel of judges. They “evaluate each work’s integrated design approach, including concept, innovation and visual elements such as typography, illustration, and/or information design.”

Link to the rest at Book Riot

Here are a few that caught PG’s eye:

There are videos at the link that show a lot of creativity going on inside the books as well.

You can see them all the AIGA Winners Page

12 thoughts on “The 50 Best Book Covers of 2021, as Chosen by Graphic Designers”

  1. Wow. Most of them I wouldn’t even click on to see what they’re about. Why do so many have titles you can’t read? Isn’t the whole point of the cover to grab your attention and get you to click on it?

  2. No. 1 — The book cover should shout what genre it is in.
    No. 2 — The author & title should be easily legible at thumbnail size.
    No. 3 — Books in a series should seem like they belong together.
    No. 4 — The quality of the cover should suggest quality content.
    No. 5 — There should be enough information & appeal to encourage the potential reader to look further.

    Almost all of these fail at these fundamental tasks.

    The most wonderful product in an indecipherable wrapper will not get bought.

    • I’m tempted to say you are just stating the obvious, but it clearly needs saying as it appears to be anything but obvious to the professionals employed by traditional publishers and, in particular, the opinion leaders who rule what is good and bad and give out the prizes.

      And if they cannot accept such basic rules, how much do they know of the techniques required to achieve compliance? No 2 mostly comes down to choice of font and close attention to the contrast between text and background colour, basic craft rather than artistry, but a quick look over cover images on Amazon shows how often they fail at this fundamental level.

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