The Director General invites you to examine

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The Director General invites you to examine the planisphere hanging on the wall. The
varied color scheme indicates:

  1. the countries where all books are systematically confiscated
  2. the countries where only books published or approved by the State may circulate
  3. the countries where existing censorship is crude, approximate, and unpredictable
  4. the countries where the censorship is subtle, informed, sensitive to implications and
    allusions, managed by meticulous and sly intellectuals
  5. the countries where there are two networks of dissemination: one legal and one
  6. the countries where there is no censorship because there are no books, but there are
    many potential readers
  7. the countries where there are no books and nobody complains about their absence
  8. the countries, finally, in which every day, books are produced for all tastes and all
    ideas, amid general indifference.

Nobody these days holds the written word in such high esteem as police states do.

Italo Calvino

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  1. 9. the countries where censorship is outsourced to the private sector, a development even the author of Cosmicomics could not imagine.

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