3 thoughts on “The enterprise that does not innovate”

  1. I’m a bit curious when he said that. The year.
    Just to see what he considered “a period of rapid change “.

    Mosly because there hasn’t been anything but change in my times. 😉

      • Thanks.
        So his “time of rapid change” was 40 years ago.
        The dawn of PCs and cable TV. Japan was going to take over the global economy. Ronnie Raygun was going to lead us to nuclear war and undo women’s rights as the US slipped into a theocracy.

        Pre-soviet collapse, pre-rise of China, pre-open internet, pre-identity wars. Social media was dial-up BBSes and, for the few with internet access USENET. No Facebook, no Twitter, no funny cat videos or exhibitionist “influencers”.

        Malls were king, mail order was fading, cell phones were bricks, barely a rich man’s toy and only in the US.
        Tail end of the home computer wars and Windows was an oddity “going nowhere”. The Macintosh was an overpriced toy with no software and useless for business.

        CDs were a novelty and record stores thrived. Radio was for top 40 music not political rants and appointment TV was a thing.

        No AI, no EU, no international space station, no GPS, no commercial drones or robots.
        No NAFTA, no globalization, no ebook market, hardly any big box bookstores. BPHs weren’t all that big and paperbacks were king.

        Almost quaint.
        Real change had barely started.

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