The Fastest Way to Print High Quality Books

From LuluxPress:

Link to the rest at LuluxPress

PG wasn’t familiar with this site and hadn’t looked at Lulu for a very long time.

PG has no reason to question the honesty of either Lulu or LuluxPress, but, as always, read the terms of use, terms & conditions, etc., etc. before, not after, you use either service. Ditto for KDP, which reminds PG that he needs to review KDP for any changes, additions or deletions.

7 thoughts on “The Fastest Way to Print High Quality Books”

  1. This is off topic. But Amazon has made a version of the Kindle I’ve been waiting for:

    The Kindle Scribe

    If it works as advertised, it makes note-taking and editing easier on the Kindle. Have a draft you need to proofread? This can help, perhaps. I don’t normally early-adapt, but the Scribe looks like a worthwhile exception …

  2. On the actual subject of the post, PG says he has not looked at Lulu for some time. I’ve not looked since their computer problems got so bad that an acquaintance who writes niche wargaming books had to give up on Lulu and switch to KDP. Does anyone know whether their problems have been fully resolved?

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