The great thing about being a print journalist

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The great thing about being a print journalist is that you are permitted to duck. Cameramen get killed while the writers are flat on the floor. A war correspondent for the BBC dedicated his memoir to 50 fallen colleagues, and I guarantee you they were all taking pictures. I am only alive because I am such a chicken.

P. J. O’Rourke

3 thoughts on “The great thing about being a print journalist”

  1. That seems plausible. The footage of the airport massacre during Jonestown starts with seeing the cultists rolling up on farming equipment (a tractor?) Then they start firing, and the camera suddenly goes sideways and crashes to the ground. That is the moment when the NBC cameraman, Bob Brown, gets fatally shot (fortunately you don’t see the victims, as he was focused on the murderers).

    I never knew camera crew fatalities happened nearly so often. They probably occur more often during a war rather than a straight up homicide like with Brown. But still. Good on the reporter for giving them their due.

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