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The Key To Agatha Christie’s Mysteries

8 July 2016

Experts said “if there were several land vehicles in the story, the killer was likely to be female. Similarly, a prevalence of nautical vehicles suggests they are more likely to be male.”

Read the explanation http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/11779272/Experts-devise-formula-to-crack-Agatha-Christies-murder-mysteries.html


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2 Comments to “The Key To Agatha Christie’s Mysteries”

  1. Actually I cracked Dame Agatha’s formula long long long ago. (Though I greatly admire her plotting.)

    The killer is whoever you don’t want it to be. (And if there are several such people, then it’s the one with the better alibi.)

    She was a master psychologist and knew how to manipulate your emotions or prejudices to blindside you. Yes, she worked a front story of clues that seemed to mystify and reveal, but it’s all about the psychology of a good twist. If a character is likeable, you don’t want to believe they did it. You also don’t want to believe a child could do something like that. All sorts of off-limits characters from protagonists, to the victim, to cops, to the entire cast.

    And that’s why I love her stories, even though I can usually guess whodunnit. And also why I tend to guess any well written book — because stories that use the patterns of human psychology tend to be really satisfying.

    • Interesting, but I don’t find it to be true of the ones I’ve read. Granted, I haven’t read many of her stories, I only started getting into them recently. But every single one I’ve read so far I can definitely say the culprit wasn’t the one I “didn’t want it to be”.

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