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The Mirror and the Periscope

14 February 2013

From Seth Godin:

A long time ago, real estate developers figured out that one way to save a lot of money was to put a mirror in the lobby next to the elevator banks. People would happily look at themselves in the mirror while patiently waiting for the elevator… meaning that the developers could get by with one fewer (expensive) elevator.

If we want to, we can turn social media (and our day) into a giant mirror. “I wonder what they think of me?”

. . . .

On the other hand, social networks now give us a better opportunity than ever to find out how other people are doing. “I wonder if Trish is happy?” “I hope that those protesters have enough blankets.” “Are our children learning?”

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Seth Godin, Social Media

One Comments to “The Mirror and the Periscope”

  1. Well, I think he makes a good point. We can use social media to constantly worry about how people are perceiving us – I know I can fall into that trap – rather than just connecting with other human beings.

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