The Offspring of Comment Problems

In attempting to discover the problem that is keeping perfectly respectable visitors to TPV from making comments, PG has changed a WordPress setting for the blog that requires all commenters to be registered and logged in in order to make a comment.

Since he started the blog, PG has required that a visitor register prior to commenting to help avoid runaway spam and other nastiness in the comments. It’s not a perfect solution, but it certainly helps.

So, while he has turned that off, PG requests that anyone who wants to test their ability to comment to leave one to this post. After he collects enough comments on this post for research purposes, PG will turn the registration requirement back on so only registered users can comment and invite another test to see if the simple disabling/re-enabling move did anything to help fix the issue.

As usual, PG requests no obscenity, nastiness, etc., in the comments, even in the cause of serving PG’s comment problem research.

43 thoughts on “The Offspring of Comment Problems”

  1. Trying it – FireFox, latest and greatest? For a long shot cause, AdBlock Plus and Avast antivirus active.


  2. Phase 1 test, Firefox, US linkages.

    Of course, the particular problems I’ve been having will result in no comment appearing for Phase 2…

  3. Using Chrome on an Android tablet – doesn’t look any different from all my comments since you turned off the requirement to log into WordPress, but maybe this just reflects the fact that I’ve not been having the problems others have experienced.

  4. Registering on Windows, Chrome, from Canada, sitting in a chair, staring at the wall, regretting that this comment is probably the best thing I’ll write all day.



  5. YAY… now it’s working (wasn’t on prior post).

    ***PG: I can NEVER make it through your Contact PG form. I always receive the following alert in red banner: “We were unable to process your form, please try again.”

    P.S. iMac, 10.9.5, Chrome

    • Now I’m puzzled. I was understanding – but not happy – when PG introduced logging in to WordPress in order to comment. However, at least for me, the need to log in was removed some time ago and all I have to remember is to I put in my name and email every time so as to avoid posting anonymously. So why are some people still having to log in?

        • I don’t think that cookies on my devices (I’ve just tested PC, tablet and phone) explain why I don’t need to login on any of them. I did recently delete all my cookies on the PC and it had no impact on commenting on this blog. Are you suggesting that anyone still having to login to comment needs ro clear their WordPress cookies?

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