The parents are the worst!

The parents are the worst! They completely lose their minds, like academic bridezillas, focused on getting their precious mini-me into college and never for a minute thinking about what happens when the poor b*****s actually get there, not to mention when they get out! God forbid they learn to fend for themselves or trust their own judgment or fail and struggle and succeed on their own terms. No! Everything has to be smoothed out and landscaped for Tiffany and Kody and Jasmine and Joshua, and if regular people get run over in the process, then that’s how the cookie crumbles!

Abbi Waxman

2 thoughts on “The parents are the worst!”

  1. The less said about how this relates to the military academies, the better.

    (A former commissioned officer who earned his commission alongside a real education, not at a trade school.)

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