The Taming of Lady Kate

Mrs. PG likes Bookbub and, apparently, Bookbub likes Mrs. PG because it’s running a free book promotion for another of her Regency romances.

The title of this book is The Taming of Lady Kate.

What’s this book about? You can read what it says on Amazon, but PG has a unique perspective on Mrs. PG’s books that he will share.

There’s a gal named Kate. She’s dead now because she lived a long time ago.

While Kate was alive, she had a problem. If she wanted to inherit a bunch of money, she had to get married. At about the same time, a guy named Jack had the same problem so they shared a common interest.

You might think that Kate and Jack hired a Hollywood lawyer named Manny to write an iron-clad prenuptial agreement, but you would be wrong. When Kate and Jack really needed a good Hollywood lawyer, there weren’t any lawyers in Hollywood. There weren’t any movie stars there, either. Hard to believe.

So there’s no prenup negotiation drama in this book. And nobody named Manny.

But PG digresses.

Jack is a Marquis and Kate is a Lady (no, not that kind of Lady).

Kate wants to marry some other guy, but her dead father says no (in his will), even if they get a prenup.

Kate is a spunky gal. Jack likes spunky gals. They have that in common even if she’s not a Marquis.

The things that Kate and Jack have in common are piling up.

PG won’t spoil the ending of the story by saying what they do instead of getting a prenup.

Here’s a picture of Kate. PG forgot to ask Mrs. PG if her hair is really that color or if she has it done by Rex of Hollywood.


Here’s where you can get The Taming of Lady Kate. It’s free right now, but you have to read the book to understand why Kate accepts taming.

The PG’s appreciate your support.


PG checked Mrs. PG’s Author Rank and her new book’s ranking in the early evening of today’s Bookbub campaign. He was pleased to find the following:

Author Rank
#5 in Kindle eBooks > Romance > Historical Romance
#10 in Books > Romance > Historical
#81 in Kindle eBooks > Romance

Taming Lady Kate Book Rank
#6 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)
#1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Historical Romance > Regency
#1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Inspirational

Thanks to all TPV visitors who downloaded.

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  1. Sorry, it’s not what I usually read, unless Lady Kate is an alien. That would explain whatever that is on her head though…

  2. It would be impossible for Lady Kate to be a marquis, unless the story is about titled transgendered nobility. She would be a marchioness in Great Britain and Ireland, or a marquise on the Continent. The odds, however, of a marquis marrying someone who is already a marchioness are small. A marquis marrying the daughter of a (different, unless the story is decidedly kinky) marquis is considerably more likely.

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