6 thoughts on “The world I want to live in”

  1. Cue up the music for tbe hallelujah chorus:

    Wish-ful thinking.
    Wishful thinking…
    Wishful thinking, wishful thinking…
    Wish-ful thinking!

    Not on this planet, not now, not ever.

      • Happens frequently.
        Quite a few authors have had it pointed out to them after the book goes on sale. It’s lead to sequels and series. In one case, the sequel was three times bigger than the original and better. In another, a shared world series followed. In others the authors just shruggs it off. Fanfic thrives off the latter.

      • I’m writing the 3rd novel in a long & continuing series, and won’t be releasing the 1st 2 books until that’s done.

        It’s unintended, but I can’t tell you how glad I am that this gives me the opportunity to fix the world-building scaffolding of the first 2 books before they hit the shelves, now that I have thought much more about missing pieces of this world of mine.

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