9 thoughts on “There’s no hero”

    • Simple and obvious one:

      Firefighter pulls a child from a burning car that flipped after skidding on ice.

      No villain there. No less heroism for the absence of the villain.

      • Right.

        Or from the movies: CASTAWAY, FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX, even TWISTER.
        Man vs nature, man vs himself, great journey.
        For that matter, what if there’s no hero?
        (From my wheelhouse: THE STARS MY DESTINATION. Gully Foyle is no hero and he never gets better. No hero anywhere to be found. Nor any singular villain. Just messy humans in messy times.)

        OP is too reductive.
        Even in conflict driven stories, there is no real need to go hero/villain when conflicting agendas will offer the possibility that either protagonist is “right”or both. Life isn’t absolutist so why must fiction be?

        • And we won’t get into the problem with “No, Mr Bond, I am not the villain of this piece given your lechery and discrimination, your public-school effrontery, your resort to violence to solve every problem however minor, and your little problem with alcohol.” Or the question of whether General Custer was actually the villain who got what he “deserved” (while taking a bunch of “just following orders” soldiers along with him — because far too many “stories” forget that minions have families, too…).

          • I always favored Flint and Remo Williams over the MI6 assassin.
            Fleming’s Bond is more interesting that the Brocolli Bonds. Conversely, the video serial killer Reacher is quite likeable. A bit more than Dexter Morgan.

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