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’tis the Season for Spam

18 December 2018

Is PG the only one being deluged with spam or are his spam-killing extensions off for the holidays?

Here’s one he just deleted (with the disguised link omitted):

Look what we have for you! niceoffers
Are you in?

If you have any niceoffers for potential posts on TPV, you can send them to the phony Santa at Casa PG by clicking on the Contact link (which was free from nasty internet connections to offers from the Unterwelt when PG just checked it).

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3 Comments to “’tis the Season for Spam”

  1. Hmm, Amazon ads on the email account I have for getting my ebook data from them, costco on another that I never gave them, facebook crying for me to sign in (they think a lot has changed since the last time I did?), and microsoft rewards wants to give me ‘points’ (points I understand are only redeemable at their store – which only works for windows .10 …)

    Must be you PG, what shady sites have you been playing on? 😉

    MYMV and the spammers misspell your email addresses.

  2. I’m getting spam – or, rather, spoofs – pretending to be from GoDaddy. Look before you click!

  3. I use geoblockers on my WP site, and that seems to eliminate about 99% of incoming stuff, not just spam but also hackers trying to brute-force their way in. I doubt I’ll be selling books to Iran, Russia, China, etc. so I’m not worried about shutting down Nigerian princes. LOL Askimet is also great.

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