Top Ten Richest Authors of All Time

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From Slice:

  1. MacKenzie Bezos net worth: $36 billion (includes the value of Amazon stock received upon her divorce from Jeff.)
  2. JK Rowling net worth: $1 billion
  3. James Patterson net worth: $800 million
  4. Jim Davis net worth: $800 million (cartoonist – Garfield)
  5. Candy Spelling net worth: $600 million
  6. Matt Groening net worth: $600 million (cartoonist, The Simpsons)
  7. Paolo Coelho net worth: $500 million
  8. Rose Kennedy net worth: $500 million (One of those Kennedy’s – did write one book)
  9. Stephen King net worth: $500 million
  10. Danielle Steel net worth: $400 million

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PG notes that methods of ranking best-sellers, authors or books, vary from compiler to compiler. He further notes that determining the net worth of individuals is a very imprecise process.

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Richest Authors of All Time”

  1. Jeff’s wife is number 1 on a list of author income cause of the divorce settlement. Following this logic all Elon has to do is what… self publish on kindle and he’s the wealthiest author by at least a few pennies.

    I do feel sorry for Bill Gates, I wasn’t aware that his net worth is under 400 million. The recession must be hitting him hard.

    • Gates worth is as much accounting sleight of hand now as it ever was. He simply transfered his MS stock to tbe foundation. Which he controls. The lower reportable number, is simply toinimize his exposire to tbe proposed wealth taxes.

      Also, last I heard, Ms. Bezos’ wealth came in the form of AMAZON stock, not Microsoft. Which owes most of its value to AWS and since MS is the biggest threat to AWS it would be awfully…disloyal…to be betting on Nadella’s crew. 😉

        • Wasn’t you, it was the OP.
          Amazon, Microsoft… so easy to confuse…

          (Both billionaires got recently divorced and billionaires are interchangeable. They’re all the same, right?) 😐

          • Only in romance novels, where they are neither old, ugly, weird nor attached, so pretty much as likely as the highly improbable dukes currently infesting regency romances.

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