Twenty Years with Google Books Searches

Google is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

One of the ways it is doing so is to track the most commonly-searched topics on a year-by-year basis. It’s broken these topics into various areas of interest.

One of these areas is Books.

The Books page provides you with a variety of insights including the following:

  • The peak number of searches for To Kill a Mockingbird was from 2014 to 2018
  • Lolita was the most searched book from 1999 to 2002.
  • Hamlet was the 3rd most searched book of 1999, 2001, 2002 and 2005.

There is also an Authors page which shows that during each of the past twenty years, the most common Author search was for Martin Luther King.

Here’s a link to insights about Google searches on Les Misérables

You can hover and click on any portion of the resulting graphs for additional information.

3 thoughts on “Twenty Years with Google Books Searches”

  1. Weird. I’ve never in my life searched for MLK as an author. The fact that he is the most searched for author every year for the last 20 years is weird. I’ve never even heard of the #2 person. Without their actual data I can’t question them, and I’m generally thrilled if it really was MLK, he was a great man… but… I don’t believe it. It feels contrived. If I had to guess, they took every search for him and called it an author search. That would make much more sense (since everyone learns about him in school and there are 70 million students in the US).

  2. Addendum:

    Okay, I see what they did. In reality, Shakespear and Po are the top two most searched for authors since anyone searching for them is searching for them BECAUSE they’re authors. MLK and MA are searched for because they are famous people. Not the same thing. Way to mislead Google. I don’t understand some peoples allergic reaction to the truth.

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