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U.S. online shipping up 17% this season

21 November 2018

From Seeking Alpha:

U.S. consumers spent $31.9B shopping online in the first 20 days of this month, up 17% Y/Y, according to Adobe Analytics data.

Monday marked the first “$2 billion day of the season” and today is on track to hit $2.1B.

The free shipping wars heated up earlier in the month with Amazon waving the $25 minimum for non-Prime members and Target offering free two-day shipping on select items through December 22.

Adobe reaffirms its full-season forecast of $124.1B spent online in November and December combined.

Link to the rest at Seeking Alpha


6 Comments to “U.S. online shipping up 17% this season”

  1. Wouldn’t it be great if you needed to get something on Friday (dangerously low on TP or cold-n-flu stuff) and there were plenty of places to park and no long lines at the registers? 😉

    One man’s drink is another’s poison – Amazon, great for shoppers, not so great for shops.

  2. What if you needed something on Friday, and Alexa got it to you yesterday?


  3. I think many analysts focus on cost or delivery time and give short shrift to depth of selection. IMO that is a significant factor in drawing shoppers online.

    • Shhh!
      Let them keep on thinking that limiting customers choices they can provide a better experience. Helping them “discover” what *they* want them to discover is better. For them. After all, consumers really don’t notice. Nope. No way. No how.

      Offering more choices never helped Sears catalog sales, or WalMart, or Borders. And it’s not helping Amazon or eBay or Monoprice.

    • I also wonder how many of the folks who keep up a constant refrain about what a poor job Amazon is doing keep on using Amazon? If they predict Amazon will lose lots of consumers because of its gross failures, have they left yet?

      • They’re the same ones that were going to leave the country if someone they didn’t like won the election. He did and they didn’t.

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