Update on Spam Comments

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A few days ago, PG turned off the anti-spam tool for comments due to feedback he had received from some visitors to TPV that it was annoying.

He’s finding that the system was filtering out a lot of pure spam comments that are collecting in his approval folder. (TPV is set to require that a first-time commenter have one comment approved by PG before being able to have her/his/their comment automatically posted. Smart spammers know this and will post a relevant comment first, then turn on the spam, but it’s difficult to automate that.)

PG is going to wait and see over the next few days what the spam load is looking like.

If anyone sees what they regard as a spam comment that shows up under any of the posts on TPV, please let PG know via the Contact PG button at the top of the blog.

2 thoughts on “Update on Spam Comments”

  1. I didn’t mind having to check the little box to prove I’m not a robot, but yes, checking the number of photo segments that contain a traffic light or a motorcycle or the rear bumper off a ’56 DeSoto was a little annoying.

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