Users Being Locked Out

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PG has received a couple of emails in the past few days from long-time visitors to The Passive Voice which say they haven’t been able to log in using their regular ID/PW.

If you are having a similar problem, get in touch with me via the Contact link on the top menu bar. PG’s temporary fix is signing you up for a new Subscriber account.

PG doesn’t think he’s made any recent changes to the blog that might have triggered this glitch, but, who knows what he’s done while in one of his too-much-Covid hazes.

If any WordPress experts know about what might be causing this problem, PG would appreciate a tip, explanation, fix, etc., via the Contact link.

FYI, he has over 70,000 people who have signed up as subscribers. An unknown portion of those are undoubtedly would-be comment spammers.

11 thoughts on “Users Being Locked Out”

  1. Testing… I am still logged in at this point from earlier in the week. About to log out and test logging in.

  2. Since we have your admin attention right now, is it by design that I can only see posts I haven’t seen before?

    I used to be able to scroll back and look at earlier posts I’d already read, but the no longer is the case. Do I have so go through searching the archives to get to older posts? Thanks.

    • A. (and everyone else) – Don’t hesitate to make a comment if any portion of the bubble gum and baling wire digital contraption that is TPV appears to be having or causing any problems.

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