Visions of Spreadsheets Danced in His Head

PG finally finished a detailed Excel spreadsheet for his accountant today.

He used to be quite efficient with Excel when he used it on at least a weekly basis.

However, although his fingers sometimes seem to remember what to do, PG’s gray matter has lost both domain knowledge and speed over several years of less-frequent encounters with spreadsheets.

He’s bone-tired of columns, rows, and if-then formulas.

3 thoughts on “Visions of Spreadsheets Danced in His Head”

  1. I was introduced to the TRS-80 & Visi-Calc simultaneously, very early in my career. It was the first exposure I’d ever had to the concept of a spreadsheet (much less a computerized one). Eye-opening.

    I now nurture these baroque overgrown spreadsheet monstrosities that only I can understand, as I begin my descent into (as they like to say, and I only hope that’s all it is) “age-appropriate” mental fuzziness, like distant foghorns warning of “better clean this shit up now and simplify while you can still understand it” ahead.

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