We are removing distribution to 24Symbols

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From a Draft2Digital email PG received earlier today:

Part of our job at Draft2Digital is to ensure that any distribution partnerships we offer are structured and maintained to a set of standards. We do this so that authors can continue to receive the same level of high quality that we’ve always offered, and can continue to trust that we are protecting their interests. Occasionally, this means vetting distribution channels to decide whether they should be included or excluded from our service.

As such, we have determined that distribution to 24Symbols is no longer in the best interest of our authors, and we will be removing distribution to this channel.

We have been closely monitoring 24Symbols for several months and have determined that the operational and accounting timelines of the platform do not currently meet the minimum requirements we have set for our distribution partners.

. . . .

NOTE: Draft2Digital will cover any outstanding royalties due for our authors who have made sales through the 24Symbols platform.

[Emphasis in the original email]

PG couldn’t find anything on the D2D website about this. Feel free to provide a link in the comments if you know of one.

PG did some work with the founders of D2D during their very early days of starting up the business. He was very impressed with their personal qualities and attitude about treating authors fairly.

For PG, this letter is evidence that they’re still stand-up guys.

For the record, PG hasn’t had any experience with 24Symbols or heard anything about them one way or the other. Feel free to post any comments, pro or con, concerning the organization.

3 thoughts on “We are removing distribution to 24Symbols”

  1. I found it curious that I didn’t receive that email too. Anyway, I couldn’t find anything on the site either. 24Symbols is still listed as a distribution partner, so I guess we’ll just wait and see.

    Maybe interesting to note that 24Symbols is not listed among Smashwords’ distribution channels, though I believe it was at one time.

  2. I also received the D2D email yesterday.
    And I have no further information. I’m confident D2D will not be funding any royalty payments to me!

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