We find the Mayan pantheon peculiar

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We find the Mayan pantheon peculiar. By our standards, suicide and human sacrifice are unacceptable. We tend not to notice the peculiarities of our own culture. We accept the thousands of children who wear braces to correct their teeth, yet we consider the Maya odd for filing teeth to beautify them. Each culture defines its own idiosyncrasies and then forgets that it has done so.

Pat Murphy

3 thoughts on “We find the Mayan pantheon peculiar”

  1. Yes, clearly finding human sacrifice unacceptable is just a weird little quirk that we happen to have. It’s not as if there were any actual reason for these quaint tribal taboos, is there?

    • Not that I agree with the OP in the first place, but, yes, a bad comparison. Straight (and matching) teeth are a definite physical plus in a culture where the majority of people don’t die soon after their reproductive utility ends.

      There is a better comparison – the injection of a deadly bacterial toxin to combat the appearance of normal aging.

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