Well, we have got to understand

Well, we have got to understand, for example, Russia is an orthodox Christian nation. So is Ukraine. That happened in 988 in Crimea, a place called Kievan Rus, which was the Russia around Kiev at that time. It’s 1,000 years ago, but, to a Russian, it’s yesterday.

Marvin Kalb

6 thoughts on “Well, we have got to understand”

    • Wait and see what comes next.
      Whatevdr happens it will either be remembered for decades…or days.

      • More or less, yes. (When the SU collapsed, The US, UK, and Rusia signed a treaty guaranteeing Ukraine borders in return for giving up their nukes. Bad deal. But anybody wondering why the US and UK are spending to support Ukraine, they are technically obligated to do whatever it takes to live up to their promise.)

        The bloodletting used to be one way. Now even russian speaking Ukrainians are out for blood. And some of the stories coming out of Karkiv have echoes of the Bosnian wars.

        Two thinks Putin ought to consider is Ukraine has an excellent rocket industry and Chernobyl has lots of long-lived nuclear waste.

        (Heinlein called it “dusting”.)

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