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What has marked Chinese society

15 October 2019

What has marked Chinese society is its level of cruelty, not just revolutions and wars. We ought to reject it totally, otherwise in another upheaval there will be further cruelty.

~  Jung Chang


5 Comments to “What has marked Chinese society”

  1. Consider the one-child policy.

    The ‘leaders’ have known for YEARS, decades, that they were leaving a whole lot of young men with no hope of finding a wife – and did nothing about it.

    That is basic cruelty to your own people, and stupid. The traditional solution to this problem – war – is ALSO cruel to your own people when actually planned.

    Demographics don’t lie, but they are often slow enough to do something about – and the Chinese Communist government, which had enough control to force women to have abortions, has knowingly let the problem become unmanageable.

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