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When brought to the proletariat

26 November 2019

When brought to the proletariat from the capitalist class, science is invariably adapted to suit capitalist interests. What the proletariat needs is a scientific understanding of its own position in society. That kind of science a worker cannot obtain in the officially and socially approved manner. The proletarian himself must develop his own theory. For this reason he must be completely self-taught.

– Karl Kautsky

* * * * *

Harry Brock:
What’s a peninsula?

Billie Dawn:

Harry Brock:
Don’t gimme that “shush.” You think you’re so smart, huh — what’s a peninsula?

Paul Verrall:
It’s a —

Harry Brock:
Not you, her.

Billie Dawn:
It’s that new medicine…

–  “Born Yesterday,” starring Judy Garland, 1950


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  1. Pretty sure that was Judy Holliday, not Judy Garland. But thinking about Ms. G. in a role like that made me smile.

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