2 thoughts on “Why would they have book covers”

  1. More to the point, why should anything not be judged by its packaging? People used to judge me as an upstanding loyal real ‘murikan by my packaging. (Now they see the packaging and run. I think they’re closer to right this time.)

  2. When the same book can be ‘covered’ by bound leather with gold leaf, a ‘pop’ cover, or something from a classical painting – without changing a word – the cover is virtue signaling for the reader.

    Authors of traditionally-published novels often see their work covered differently by publishers in different countries, supposedly because those publishers know the ‘local market’.

    Writers taking back their own work may finally publish with a cover they really like.

    And some covers are art – separate from the book.

    Or a cover may be perfect for the story. Iconic even, to represent the ‘best’ edition.

    It should be part of the author’s expression; it often is not. If it pulls more readers in than it discourages, it has done its job. But it’s really not relevant.

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