Wisdom from the Dutch

DutchOm te slagen in het leven heb je twee dingen nodig: onwetendheid en vertrouwen. 
Literally“To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.”
While this quote is originally from Mark Twain, you may also hear the Dutch version in the Netherlands. It suits the Dutch attitude: confident, direct, and maybe a little bit clumsy.
DutchElk nadeel heeft zijn voordeel. 
Literally“Every disadvantage has its advantage.”
The Dutch love this inspirational quote. Every bad thing has something positive. The trick is to find the good in the bad. 

The world-famous Dutch soccer player Johan Cruyff loved to use this quote with his Amsterdam dialect: Elk nadeel heb se voordeel.
DutchOpgeven kan morgen ook nog.
Literally“You can always give up tomorrow.”
There is some power in this Dutch quote. You can always give up another day, so why give up today?

It tells you a bit about the Dutch go-getter mentality (doorzetter mentaliteit): keep on trying without giving up or making a fuss.   

2 thoughts on “Wisdom from the Dutch”

  1. Hmmm… My mother was a war bride from Antwerp, and her native language (Flemish) is a dialect of Dutch. Gotta say, I recognize these attitudes.

    Along with a certain amount of biker-style “f*ck it, let’s do it.” attitude towards a dare. A hard-headed lot. It’s a shame they’ve been overlaid by the same Euro-wimp/wishful-think attitudes as their neighbors.

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