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    • From what I understand, by the time Churchill had the art centers bombed, the Nazis had already cleared out and hoarded most of the artworks. The Nazis spent a lot of time trying to debunk the value of artworks created by Jews, and had a number of those destroyed, but those that fit the narrow Nazi definition of “good art” they moved, as the war progressed, to protected locations. There were records of where they were stored, but most of the records have been lost due to the Nazis’ destruction of as much paperwork as they possibly could once they were cornered. If I’m remembering correctly, there are some artworks which fit the Nazi definition of “good art” (and thus would most certainly have been preserved and protected by the Nazis) which have never been recovered due to the destruction of the records explaining where they’d been stored.

      • I think Ashe, one would have to ask the millions of survivors of Churchill’s [and the usa president’s] death sentence to all eastern europeans by giving entire nations to a man churchill knew as an abject murderer of his own people by the literal millions. Churchill’s legacy is ethnic cleansing at the end of the war and after, [via yalta and other meetings at which no representatives of the people across nations were present] his insane idea to uproot millions, his granting to a man dominion over the lives of millions of people who Stalin continued to murder, take the lands of, do mayhem to the entire farming food supply system and more. The great art, just of the churches alone, looted and destroyed by stalin who was given dominion by churchill and usa president. Not to mention the suppression of art that followed, except for ‘state art’. No churchill is no lover/ protector of the arts. His own hobby watercolors excepted.

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