Writing is manual labor

Writing is manual labor of the mind – like laying pipe.

John Gregory Dunne

PG has laid pipe and has done a lot of writing. The two work experiences are vastly different. For one thing, there is nothing metaphorical about laying pipe.

2 thoughts on “Writing is manual labor”

  1. Agreed, PG. Anyone who equates writing with manual labor has never hit the working end of a shovel for an eight-hour shift.

    And how is writing “work” at all? You’re sitting alone in a room making up stuff. That isn’t work. That’s fun.

  2. Agreed. I read many things and wonder if the author has ever laid pipe, worked on a loading dock, or moved furniture. Note all the underground fiber being installed for the new high-speed internet connections. Very high tech. Every 100ft some guy has to dig a spotting hole four feet long, one foot wide, and three feet deep. With a shovel so he doesn’t cut existing cable. Then he moves 100ft and digs another… And the next day…

    Best are writers who open their veins and bleed.

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