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Wylie the jackal becomes Hachette’s running dog?

31 October 2014

From TeleRead:

Never one to bear a grudge or indulge in overly aggressive, unreflective self-promotion, Andrew Wylie can’t seem to forgive Amazon for the failure of his Odyssey JV with them – or in general, for failing to acknowledge that nothing moves until Andrew Wylie says so. And now he’s blaming Amazon for depriving writers of a decent living. “Writers will begin to make enough money to live,” he claims, according to his keynote address at Toronto’s International Festival of Authors, if only the Big Five have the cojones like Hachette to stand up to Amazon, who he doesn’t hesitate to compare to ISIS.

. . . .

And remember that back in 2010, Wylie was garnering support from authors for his Amazon tie-up because they claimed traditional publishers had been paying too little in royalty rates for ebooks. And now things have turned round and the Big Five are the heroes again? Forgetful creatures, jackals.

It’s no surprise that Wylie also chose to unload on self-publishing, which he described as “the aesthetic equivalent of telling everyone who sings in the shower they deserve to be in La Scala.” After all, if authors can publish themselves, who will ever want to go through Andrew Wylie. Or even listen to him?

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36 Comments to “Wylie the jackal becomes Hachette’s running dog?”

  1. And now he’s blaming Amazon for depriving writers of a decent living.

    And green is red and the Jets are the best team in football.

    What a bizarre comment. It’s not just a decent living many are making, but a great one…and who gives a rip about La Scala when we can sing in our favorite cafe and get paid for it?

    • Once in a while, someone who sings in the shower deserves to be in La Scala: One Chance.

      Paul Potts was rejected by Pavarotti. For Paul, that rejection closed the traditional route to an opera career.

      He found another route. And sang a command performance for the Queen.

  2. “…stand up to Amazon, who he doesn’t hesitate to compare to ISIS.”

    I’m sorry, but a bunch of people who saw people’s heads off and push them onto spikes on a fence in order to make a grotesque display of false power (bodies left to rot nearby); who tweet photos of a severed head nestled onto the buttocks of a headless body with a caption of, ‘Our World Cup’; and who compel people to convert to Islam, be killed, or pay a tax have nothing in common with any corporation, let alone Amazon.

    I find the comparison offensive, ignorant, and slimy (in a sleazeball bucket kind of way).

    • Welcome to Wylie’s Law, an update of Godwin’s Law: Any debater who compares their opponent to ISIS loses the debate.

      Twitter it about, please. I’d love to see this be a meme. You can even take the credit.

      • I had to look up Godwin’s Law, very interesting. 🙂 The Amazon/Hatchett squabble has definitely gone on long enough.

        “…the probability…if an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to Hitler or Nazism.” –Wikipedia

        • Indeed. Godwin’s Law, in its actual form as Godwin actually phrased it, was just a silly observation. Godwin’s Law, in its new, improved form, is primarily a means of stifling debate to protect Nazis and their fellow travellers.

          ‘Hitler, you’re a Nazi!’
          ‘Ha-ha. Godwin’s Law! You lose!’

          It’s one of the worst things that ever happened to the Internet.

          That said, comparing Amazon to ISIS is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard of.

  3. This guy need a muzzle. His views are offensive and I can’t understand why they give him air time.

    • He says what media corporations like to hear, namely that the world needs their curation. That supports the cultural underpinning of their business, which is about controlling who gets to speak, and who gets the money for that.

  4. Smart Debut Author

    This is the type of person who used to decide which books had a chance to be read?

    The quicker human garbage like Wylie is consigned to history, the better for literature.

    • That comes perilously close to sounding like a death threat.

      Let him live; let him speak; let him be laughed at, and let his clients learn to shun him. Better that than to let him cloak his poisonous beliefs in silence and go on doing his dirty work.

      As Sam Gamgee said, if there’s a wasp in the room, I want to know where it is.

      It’s a pity, really, that so much of that agency’s client list consists of The Estate Of Tom, Dick, and Harry. Very unlikely that any dead writers will go looking for new agents.

      • Smart Debut Author


        What I meant by “consigned to history” was more in the “Grandpa, what’s an agent?” vein.

        • You referred to the man as ‘human garbage’. That implies that your problem isn’t with his profession, but with himself; and ‘consigning him to history’ would then mean that he no longer existed.

          I myself have changed occupations several times in my life. This does nothing to appease the people who regard me as human garbage. They still want me dead.

      • Smart Debut Author

        if there’s a wasp in the room, I want to know where it is

        …so I can make sure it doesn’t get the chance to sting 15% of my income. 😀

  5. Wylie says, that “without the content supplied by publishers, Amazon’s devices are “useless pieces of high grade plastic,” and I beg to differ. It’s authors who supply the content to the publishers, so it’s authors who supply the content to Amazon. Without that content, the publishers are just the middlemen, the errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill. And heck, authors don’t even need those middle men anymore!

    I think trad pub already knows that and are fighting it hard. But not hard enough. The future is coming, trad pub, and you’re not even half ready.

    • Publishers supply what? That part got me as well.

      EDIT: I guess if you consider all of the writers they have locked in their stables…

  6. I like the idea of publishers withholding their content.

    That’s what they did when Amazon started Select. Amazon was going to pay them the full royalty for Select borrows. The publishers balked because it devalued books.

    So, Amazon opened it up to independents who jumped aboard. I think 48,000 independent books hit Select in the first three days. The independents had a great ride, Select flourished, and we can make a good case that Select was the impetus to much of the market share inedpendents took from the publishers.

    More recently, publishers are withholding their stuff from Kindle Unlimited. Select was the core of the new KU. KU hasn’t been around long enough to evaluate it, but it should be another test of the withholding strategy.

  7. Yesterday I bought an audiobook produced by Orbit (Hachette) from Amazon. It downloaded to my phone in seconds.

    just sayin’.

  8. Instead of Wylie the jackal, or Wylie Coyote (also appropriate, considering the depths to which he would blissfully stoop) how about Wylie the JACKASS?

    Too harsh? let us review:

    – Amason: not only evil, but the greates EVIL imaginable.

    – Only legacy publishers provide worthy content

    – All indies are worthless hacks, shoveling their dreck upon the world.

    Hey, dipsh!t, 2010 called and they want their link-trolling, BPH ass-kissing, drive-by hit piece back!

    • Smart Debut Author

      If any of Wylie’s authors had an ounce of integrity, they would publicly tell Wylie to go f*** himself.

  9. “Never one to bear a grudge or indulge in overly aggressive, unreflective self-promotion”

    LOL! My mouth is actually puckering around the sarcasm.

  10. Today, while waiting for my car to be brought back from the garage, I formatted Bittersweet Farm 7 for Createspace. All by myself. Without nurturing, curating or Andrew Wylie’s permission or blessing. Tomorrow I’ll build the cover. All by myself.

  11. Can someone tell me what happened to cause the Amazon/Wylie Odyssey JV to fail? Based on an article I found, Wylie thinks that Random House refusing to deal with Odyssey was the killer. Since clearly everything he says is jaundiced, does anyone think there’s anything more to it? And why did RH refuse? How did Wylie go from being an Amazon to a hater?

  12. From THE RAINMAKER by Grishom:

    Rudy Baylor: I’m curious.

    Leo F. Drummond: About what?

    Rudy Baylor: I’m just wonderin’… do you even remember when you first sold out?

  13. Wylie said this: “…where this sort of ISIS-like distribution channel, Amazon…. ”

    Why would anyone listen to a man who likens a capitalistic company that pays Wylie’s bills significantly — to a vicious, beyond violent group[s] of murderers [ISIL/ISIS] who put innocents to death while filming, then distributing films with ISIL subhumans gloating like jackals. {I use ISIL rather than ISIS. If you know the story of ISIS the egyptian Goddess, she roamed the earth finding the dismembered parts of her brother Osiris and put him back together. ISIL is not worthy of the name ISIS, not to mention there are significant businesses throughout the world who are named ISIS and are not involved in murder.]

    Wylie ought apologize– no, do sigificant reparation– for slurring, not amazon, but the men and women who have given their lives, and those yet to fall I’m afraid, trying to protect innocents from ISIL.

    The trivialization and lack of decency in Wylie making such a reference of such deep murder of humans in reality of blood and black heart, is shocking. Sure, a teenager in sh stained underwear in his/her basement nest flinging out what he/she believes to be noteworthy screed into the world, while defining themselves by ill mind rather than great heart… ok, plenty of those, and we might write it down to ‘stage of youth’ contributing to the swill. But Wylie… you were supposed to be a leader, man. Not sound like an overheated emotional ‘luna-tick.’

    Honestly, have not heard rhetoric like Wylie’s gone un-commented on by powerful peers since Geo Wallace, and Father Coughlin. They also, both, overflowed in public via their crooked mouths full of vile assertions. And too late did their silent peers, speak out against their poisons.

  14. “the aesthetic equivalent of telling everyone who sings in the shower they deserve to be in La Scala.”

    Not everyone has the talent to sing in La Scala, but in an ideal world, everyone who wants to should be allowed to audition.

  15. “After all, if authors can publish themselves, who will ever want to go through Andrew Wylie. Or even listen to him?”

    This seems to presuppose that anyone wanted to listen to this dimwit to begin with. Dubious at best.

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