YA author James launches The Climate Fiction Writers League

From The Bookseller:

Author Lauren James has established The Climate Fiction Writers League, a group of over 50 international published authors writing about climate change.

Launching ahead of James’ upcoming climate-change thriller Green Rising (Walker Books, September 2021), the league’s website is intended to act as a comprehensive resource for climate fiction that teachers and librarians can use to help teach students about climate change and inspire action.

A fortnightly newsletter will feature essays about climate activism, interviews with authors about new releases, and a round-up of climate news. The first will be sent out this week with an essay by Marcus Sedgwick and an interview with Cara Hoffman, with future topics to include “How to Build a Solarpunk City”, “Connecting with Nature and Rewilding”, “Antarctica and Environmentalism in Fiction” and “Queer People after the Apocalypse”.

. . . .

James said: “We are a group of authors who believe in the necessity of climate action, immediately and absolutely. Fiction is one of the best ways to inspire passion, empathy and action in readers. Our works raise awareness of climate change, and encourage action at the individual, corporate and government levels.”

Link to the rest at The Bookseller

Is PG the only person who is tired of the phrase, raise awareness?

At the moment, PG’s awareness seems to be sheltering in place.

6 thoughts on “YA author James launches The Climate Fiction Writers League”

    • Another list of authors to avoid.

      Are Gore, Hansen, Mann, et. al. founding members? They should be…

  1. For over a century now, it has been an axiom of the Left that there is exactly one side to every issue, and if anybody does not agree with them on a given issue, it can only be because they don’t know the issue exists. Therefore they need to have their Awareness Raised.

    The mind of a genuine ideologue is protected by bulletproof armour against the idea that someone might know all about an issue and still disagree with them.

  2. AS if we could possibly avoid hearing about it. What planet do these people live on?

    Add me to the list of people noting what names to avoid.

  3. Trouble being *they* won’t read those books, since they are already “aware”, and the Great Unwashed obstinately refuse to pay money to be lectured and condescended to. A solution in search of a problem…

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