Yet Another Mysterious Murder

Mrs. PG has released the second book in her series featuring an Oxford professor (she is probably too young to be a Don or a Donna) named Catherine who seems to be involved in more murders than one might expect from someone teaching proper young women (mostly) at Somerville College in the mid-1930s.

Despite the regular occurrence of deadly crimes wherever she goes, Catherine is still popular with a variety of local males who are not policemen. This is occasionally helpful because the Oxford constabulary is still mired in the traditional habit of thinking that the only proper role for a woman is as a murder victim, not as a murder detective regardless of the gender of the suddenly deceased.

In this particular book, Murder in the Jazz Band, Catherine displays a heretofore-undiscovered talent (at least among the Dons and Donnas) by singing with a jazz band that is performing in Oxford. Of course, somebody gets murdered and the constabulary goes down the wrong path, so Catherine has to intervene.

Mrs. PG’s first book in this series, An Oxford Murder, has sold very nicely and she has high hopes for its sequel.

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