You don’t want to dwell on your enemies

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You don’t want to dwell on your enemies, you know. I basically feel so superior to my critics for the simple reason that they haven’t done what I do. Most book reviewers haven’t written 11 novels. Many of them haven’t written one.

John Irving

2 thoughts on “You don’t want to dwell on your enemies”

  1. Publishing that first book – putting it up for sale to be purchased by anyone with a few pennies (or whatever) – puts you above over 99% of the world’s population, many of whom have plans to do the same thing and never get A ROUND TUIT (picture of smiley face).

    Because I don’t think even this world can produce more than 1% writers. It is actually work.

    Said by someone who is going to do the next step, actually publishing a SECOND book, as soon as she finishes getting all her ducks on the same page. I hope.

    Mrs. PG is very rare.

    • Rare and wonderful, A. I believe her latest is book 43.

      To the best of my recollection, she still receives royalties on all her books (although, for some, it’s a few dollars, twice per year).

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