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My First Book Signing

4 April 2011

Do you remember your first time?


Yesterday was my first signing at a book store. But not the fancy kind. Not big hardwood table in the center of a massive Barnes & Noble, with a complimentary cappuccino and a line of fans waiting outside in the cold. Rather, it was a little Waldenbooks in a mall.

. . . .

  • 3 different people asked me where the restrooms were. Apparently I looked like a mall information specialist.
  • One older gentleman talked my ear off about the many manuscripts he’d written over the years, including one where teenagers dig tunnels under a cemetery to rob the caskets from beneath of jewelry and other valuables. He was a nice enough guy, but he pretty much blocked my table from other passers by.
  • A lady asked me where they had the store “with the massage type chairs”.
  • Another lady asked me if she could use her debit card at the ATM around the corner.

. . . .

But worse than any of those annoyances was the Nailpro nail salon across the aisle. The fumes emanating from it were so bad that I had a headache by 12:30, and even the mall patrons who walked by all made faces and looked around for the source of the stench. I shudder to imagine what those fumes are doing to the poor souls that actually have to work in that store day in and day out!

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3 Comments to “My First Book Signing”

  1. Wow that is awesome! Such humble beginnings.

  2. Hi! Congratulations! it is no small feat to have a book signing at Barnes & Noble. I read somewhere that in those moments [and for You, they were be few] that you find yourself staring into space with a fixed smile frozen on your mug, get up! get up! Put a ‘Be Right Back’ sign up and Walk over to the information desk with your book in your hand. With a pocket of chocolate kisses introduce yourself to the ‘info desk’ staff. Flirt, cajole, joke, THESE are the folks who are going to serpentine through the store leading customers to YOUR book! I’ve told you this before, but again, I love the ‘feel’ of your website. All Best, Emily

  3. I remember walking by a guy outside the Dymocks in Carousel in Perth, his expectant face beaming and NOBODY around.

    Wife and I walk up and instead of “Who’re you?!?” I went with “Tell me about your book!”

    He was one of Channel 7′s (9′s?) “Garden Gurus” and had written a gardening book that included heaps about Western Australia. I liked him, we chatted, then left. We didn’t buy the book, and I don’t think many others did.

    That pretty much scarred me on the whole “Book Signing” thing.

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