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28 August 2015

Share the Force

28 August 2015

Schrödinger’s ‘zon, and Rashomon

18 August 2015

From Chris Meadows via TeleRead:

The Buzz Machine did a piece on the New York Times piece, noting that it lacks context and balance. If Amazon is a hard place to work, is it necessarily any harder than at other equivalent companies? (Who hasn’t heard horror stories about even the supposed best big corporations to work, like Google or Apple?)

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And Amazon is such a controversial and varied subject that in some cases the more shocking the exposé, the more it actually helps Amazon. The Digital Reader linked back to a Benedict Evans piece noting that negative stories make Amazon look like a hard-dealing competitor who’s tough to compete with (and by the same token, look even better to consumers looking for good deals), and to a Philip Greenspun piece that says they tell Wall Street that Amazon is being strict and economy-minded.

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So with all this sound and fury, what do we really know for sure? Possibly less than we did before any of the articles ever came out. Without actually going to work at Amazon and seeing for ourselves what the conditions are like, we’re pretty much left just picking someone to believe. All the stories seem to be about equally credible. Yes, the New York Times is the New York Times…but on the other hand, you’ve got rebuttals from people who actually work there, even if you disregard Bezos’s own memo as self-serving. Is Schrödinger’s cat alive or dead? You might as well flip a coin.

I just keep thinking of the classic Kurosawa movie Rashomon.

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The movie is all about the investigation of a murder through the tales of the witnesses, the perpetrator, even the ghost of the victim—and they all tell completely different stories from each other. They can’t all be true, and yet everyone swears they’re telling the truth as they experienced it.

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Amazon Prime

12 August 2015

J.R.R. Tolkien Reads from The Hobbit

9 August 2015

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Life as an Indie Author in 5 Words or Less

21 July 2015

The Industry’s Latest Thinking on Disruption and Innovation

13 July 2015

From Digital Book World:

With the digital transition slowing down, many publishers may find themselves with more breathing room than they did just a few years ago, when ebooks were growing at a rapid clip. That’s leading some to make important adjustments to core processes, while others are seeking growth opportunities through acquisitions.

But for all those who welcome the stability of today’s hybrid market, there are some who still warn against getting too comfortable. And since pushing forward on innovative products, distribution models and publishing strategies—not to mention buckling down for broad-based disruption—is arguably harder to do well than fine-tuning a familiar system, we thought we’d turn a spotlight on some of those challenges and contingencies.

To be sure, there’s valid and wide-ranging disagreement over whether publishers even need to seriously rethink what they do.

Link to the rest at Digital Book World which will ask you to register to receive a copy of its report on the subject.

PG hasn’t read the report, but here’s his prediction of Big Publishing’s thinking about  disruption of its business model.


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7 July 2015

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