Life as an Indie Author in 5 Words or Less

21 July 2015

The Industry’s Latest Thinking on Disruption and Innovation

13 July 2015

From Digital Book World:

With the digital transition slowing down, many publishers may find themselves with more breathing room than they did just a few years ago, when ebooks were growing at a rapid clip. That’s leading some to make important adjustments to core processes, while others are seeking growth opportunities through acquisitions.

But for all those who welcome the stability of today’s hybrid market, there are some who still warn against getting too comfortable. And since pushing forward on innovative products, distribution models and publishing strategies—not to mention buckling down for broad-based disruption—is arguably harder to do well than fine-tuning a familiar system, we thought we’d turn a spotlight on some of those challenges and contingencies.

To be sure, there’s valid and wide-ranging disagreement over whether publishers even need to seriously rethink what they do.

Link to the rest at Digital Book World which will ask you to register to receive a copy of its report on the subject.

PG hasn’t read the report, but here’s his prediction of Big Publishing’s thinking about  disruption of its business model.


Books in the hallways

12 July 2015 – The News for South Mississippi


9 July 2015

Charlotte’s Web

7 July 2015

PewDiePie, the most popular person on YouTube, is publishing a self-help book

13 June 2015

From The Verge:

Another internet star has scored a book deal. PewDiePie, aka Felix Kjellberg, aka that guy who does those gaming videos on YouTube, has written a book. Kjellberg’s magnum opus, titled This Book Loves You, is being published in October in the US, UK, Germany, France, Sweden, and Norway. It features 250 pages of “indispensable advice and inspirational quotes” including, according to its Amazon page, gems like “You can never fail if you never try” and “Don’t be yourself. Be a pizza. Everyone loves pizza.”

. . . .

Kjellberg isn’t the first YouTuber to leverage his fame with a book deal (online stars such as Grace Helbig and Shane Dawson have already published best-sellers), but he is the biggest. With 37 million subscribers, the Kjellberg is by far the most popular person on the site, with over 9 billion views and counting across all his videos, and annual revenue of around $4 million, according to one report in 2014. Popularity like this is extremely bankable, as Kjellberg’s publishing deal with the Penguin Randomhouse subsidiary Razorbill proves.

“Razorbill and Penguin US are excited to bring the words of PewDiePie to the American people in book form,” said Ben Schrank, the president and publisher of Razorbill, in a statement reported by the LA Times. “And with more subscribers than Taylor Swift and One Direction combined, Felix is without question one of the most influential stars of this generation.”

Link to the rest at The Verge and thanks to Jan for the tip.

Where would we be without curators of literature?

Mockingjay – 2

10 June 2015

Sean Bean

7 June 2015

Since PG included the following video last year, he has received several requests for a reprise. He looked a bit, but couldn’t find any other poetry performed by Sean Bean other than another Wilfred Owen poem.


Best Sellers List Exposed

3 June 2015

Thanks to Abel for the tip.

Trees from books

1 June 2015

Thanks to Jane and several others for the tip.

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