Mind Control

30 April 2015

Not much to do with books, but it might be a good writing prompt for some genres. The experiment begins at about 1:45, but you have to watch until almost the end for the payoff.

Writer’s Block

30 April 2015

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

28 April 2015

From bestselling alternative history Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clark.


The Little Prince

27 April 2015

Love Between the Covers

27 April 2015

National Library Week

20 April 2015
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Thanks to Dave and others for the tip.

How Typing is Destroying Your Memory

15 April 2015

From FastCompany:

Bad News: If you take notes in a meeting using your laptop, or if you create a to-do list using an app, you might be undermining your ability to recall the information later.

A recent study published in Psychological Science found that the pen is mightier than the keyboard when it comes to remembering what you just jotted down.

Princeton University psychological scientist Pam Mueller, lead author of the study, noticed the difference while she was a graduate teaching assistant. She normally brought her laptop to the lecture to take notes, but one day she didn’t have it. “I felt like I learned a lot more,” she recalls.

. . . .

“Students who took notes on the laptop were basically transcribing the lecture,” says Mueller. “Because we write by hand less quickly, those who took notes with pen and paper had to be more selective, choosing the most important information to include in their notes. This enabled them to study the content more efficiently.”

In the second study, Mueller told the laptop note-taking group to try not to take verbatim notes; however, students were unable to do that. “It’s an ingrained technique,” says Mueller.

. . . .

“People should be more aware of how they are choosing to take notes, both in terms of the medium and the strategy,” says Mueller. “There are times when taking notes by hand can be much more beneficial, and there are times when your laptop is the right choice.”

When you’re in a situation where it’s important to form a deeper understanding of the material, such as during a conference or workshop, taking longhand notes will allow you greater processing while you’re listening. When you’re writing, you’re thinking more, says Mueller, and you might have more insight about what is most important at the time.

Link to the rest at FastCompany

When PG thinks of the trillions of words he’s typed over the years, he’s surprised he can remember . . . uh, remember . . . .


J.K. Rowling Interview

11 April 2015

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Great River Road

6 April 2015

TPV isn’t going to turn into a blog about videos, but PG was pleased to find a book video that didn’t consist of an author sitting in a makeshift studio uncomfortably talking to the camera.


GREAT RIVER ROAD, Memoir and Memory by Madelon Sprengnether from Madelon Sprengnether on Vimeo.

Bette Davis

6 April 2015

PG can’t think of anyone performing today who is quite like Bette Davis.


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