Here’s to the Guys

18 April 2014

Nothing to do with books, but PG enjoyed the twist on advertising tropes in this.



Five Plot Points in Storytelling

17 April 2014

Gone Girl

15 April 2014


From Gone Girl: A Novel

Sorry about the video. It was working fine this morning. See if this link works better

The Address

15 April 2014

From Fast Company

[The new Ken Burns film, The Address,] focuses on the words of that speech, and the boys who attend Putney, Vermont’s tiny Greenwood School. For the past 35 years, the boys, aged 11 to 17, who live with a variety of learning challenges, have been required to memorize and recite the words of the Gettysburg Address–and Burns turns off the Effect and largely abandons his familiar form of filmmaking in favor of a style that he refers to as almost cinema verite as he tells the story of the boys at the school.

Link to the rest at Fast Company

Creativity is Madness

9 April 2014

One More Thing

1 April 2014

Sony’s 13-inch ‘Digital Paper’ is just like paper

28 March 2014

From Engadget:

Despite years of development, E Ink’s displays haven’t yet replaced traditional paper everywhere. Sony’s trying to change that with this 13.3-inch Digital Paperdevice intended for legal, educational and business environments and after we got a brief demo last year it’s finally ready to go on sale in May. The only downside? Its pricetag, currently set at a cool $1,100. To answer the question of who could possibly afford or want such an expensive piece of paper that displays PDFs and accepts handwriting input, Sony is introducing Digital Paper at the American Bar Association Tech Show (which is apparently a thing) in Chicago.

Link to the rest, including a video demonstration, at Engadget and thanks to Joshua for the tip.


Generic Brand Video

26 March 2014

Nothing to do with books, but PG found this entertaining.


Authors Anonymous

24 March 2014

Thanks to Bill for the tip.

The Signal

20 March 2014

This SciFi movie was a big hit at this year’s Sundance Festival.

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