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6 September 2014

The BookBook

5 September 2014

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The Maze Runner

2 September 2014

Here’s a link to James Dashner’s books

Labor Day

1 September 2014

Today is Labor Day in the United States, always celebrated on the first Monday in September. On the annual calendar, it marks the end of summer. PG is informed that Canada celebrates Labour Day on the same date.

Labor Day was created to celebrate the American labor movement. Following the deaths of a number of workers at the hands of the U.S. military and U.S. Marshals during the Pullman Strike, the United States Congress unanimously voted to approve legislation that made Labor Day a national holiday in 1894.

Joe Hill was a widely-known Swedish-American labor activist, songwriter, and member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW, also known as the “Wobblies”).

Following are the lyrics of a song written by Joe Hill, There is Power in a Union:

Would you have freedom from Wage slavery,
Then join in the grand Industrial band;
Would you from mis’ry and hunger be free,
Then come, do your share, like a man.

There is pow’r there is pow’r in a band of workingmen,
When they stand hand in hand,
That’s a pow’r, that’s a pow’r
That must rule in every land—
One Industrial Union Grand.

Would you have mansions of gold in the sky,
and live in a shack, way in the back?
Would you have wings up in heaven to fly,
And starve here with rags on your back?

If you’ve had `nuff of the “blood of the lamb”
Then join in the grand industrial band;
If, for a change, you would have eggs and ham,
Then come, do your share, like a man.

If you like sluggers to beat off your head,
Then don’t organize, all unions despise.
If you want nothing before you are dead,
Shake hands with your boss and look Wise.

Come, all ye workers, from every land,
Come, join in the grand industrial band;
Then we our share of this earth shall demand.
Come on! Do your share, like a man.

From Wikipedia:

As an itinerant worker, Hill moved around the west, hopping freight trains, going from job to job. By the end of 1913, he was working as a laborer at the Silver King Mine in Park City, Utah, not far from Salt Lake City.

On January 10, 1914, John G. Morrison and his son Arling were killed in their Salt Lake City grocery store by two armed intruders masked in red bandanas.

. . . .

On the same evening, Joe Hill appeared on the doorstep of a local doctor, with a bullet wound through the left lung. Hill said that he had been shot in an argument over a woman, whom he refused to name. The doctor reported that Hill was armed with a pistol.

. . . .

A red bandana was found in Hill’s room.

. . . .

Hill did not testify at his trial, but his lawyers pointed out that four other people were treated for bullet wounds in Salt Lake City that same night, and that the lack of robbery and Hill’s unfamiliarity with Morrison left him with no motive.

. . . .

An appeal to the Utah Supreme Court was unsuccessful. Orrin N. Hilton, the lawyer representing Hill during the appeal, declared: “The main thing the state had on Hill was that he was an IWW and therefore sure to be guilty. Hill tried to keep the IWW out of [the trial]… but the press fastened it upon him.”

. . . .

Joe Hill was executed by firing squad on November 19, 1915. When Deputy Shettler, who led the firing squad, called out the sequence of commands preparatory to firing (“Ready, aim,”) Hill shouted, “Fire — go on and fire!”

. . . .

His last will reads:

My will is easy to decide,
For there is nothing to divide.
My kin don’t need to fuss and moan,
“Moss does not cling to a rolling stone.”

My body? Oh, if I could choose
I would to ashes it reduce,
And let the merry breezes blow,
My dust to where some flowers grow.

Perhaps some fading flower then
Would come to life and bloom again.
This is my Last and final Will.
Good Luck to All of you,

Brick-and-Mortar Battles Amazon: Who Will Win?

25 August 2014

US officials say monkey selfies can’t be copyrighted

22 August 2014

From Engadget:

Here’s a friendly tip for all wildlife photographers out there: don’t let mischievous monkeys (and other jungle animals) push the shutter button in your stead. The U.S. Copyright Office just released a new public draft of its compendium of practices, and in it, the agency clearly states that it will only recognize original works created by human beings. This new section’s first example of works it cannot register? “A photograph taken by a monkey.” 

Link to the rest at Engadget and thanks to Joshua for the tip.

The Rescue at Dead Dog Beach

22 August 2014

Here’s a link to The Rescue at Dead Dog Beach

What are people saying about the new Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 NOOK®?

15 August 2014

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Lauren Bacall

13 August 2014

Her first movie was based a book by Ernest Hemingway and her second a book by Raymond Chandler


Lee Child on Amazon

13 August 2014

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