Help Us Choose the Saddest Book of All Time

From Electric Lit:

Forget March Madness—this year, we’ve decided to try something new: March Sadness. That’s right, folks: this literary bracket is full of the most devastating novels we could think of, all with the goal of choosing the saddest of the sad. These are the books that have broken our hearts in the best and worst ways, the ones that will compel any reader to go on a long, long walk while playing the same depressing songs on loop and contemplating the tragedy of life. 

You, dear reader, are going to help us decide which of these books has single-handedly accounted for thousands of dollars in revenue for the Kleenex brand (we assume) thanks to readers blotting their eyes and blowing their noses. Voting starts Monday, March 25 on our Instagram and Twitter (sorry, did we say Twitter? We meant “X”).

Link to the rest at Electric Lit

PG missed this earlier and March Sadness has already been determined. Go to Electric Lit to find the winner/loser. Cursor down at Electric Lit to see the winner(s) and loser(s) of each round of March Sadness.