15 Cozy Books To Get Wrapped up in This Fall

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From TheEveryGirl:

In my humble opinion, as soon as the clock strikes midnight on September 1, it’s officially fall. Is it still blazing hot out? Yes. Does fall not technically start until September 22? Yes. But, as someone who waits all year long for fall to roll back around, I could never let mere technicalities delay me from enjoying my favorite season. It’s the season of changing leaves, crisp weather, Halloween, and diving headfirst into cozy books from the comfort of my reading nook. Can you blame me for wanting to kick things off a little early?

While fall is the spookiest season of them all—and the perfect time to indulge in everything that goes bump in the night—sometimes a thriller book or horror movie simply isn’t what we’re looking for. These cozy books will give you all of the fall vibes you know and love—and even a hint of spookiness, minus the nightmares. Heat a cup of your favorite tea, find the comfiest spot in your home, and get lost in one of these cozy low-stakes stories that will give you your fall fix and leave you able to sleep at night.

The House in the Cerulean Sea

Linus Baker finds comfort in his mundane, routine life. He works at the Department in Charge Of Magical Youth, overseeing the care of children in gover`nment-run orphanages. He goes about his life without much incident, until one day he’s summoned by Extremely Upper Management with an assignment far more exciting and dangerous than any he’s been given before. He’s to travel to Marsyas Island Orphanage to see if the six children residing there, one of whom is the literal Antichrist, will actually bring about the end of the world. Linus accepts the assignment, thinking of it as any other job and not realizing just how special the Marsyas Island Orphanage and its residents are.

The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches

Mika Moon is one of the few remaining witches in Britain. In order to keep her identity a secret, she keeps her head down and stays away from other witches so as not to draw attention. She does a pretty good job of this, save for the silly little online account she uses to post videos of herself pretending to be a witch. It’s a harmless joke, right? Wrong. Mika receives a mysterious message asking her to come to the Nowhere House to take over the teaching of three young witches. Despite this being a bad idea and going against the rules she (mostly) followed, Mika decides to go. Once there, Mika begins to view her new charges and the other residents of Nowhere House as a family of sorts, save for the librarian, Jamie, who can’t find it in himself to trust the newcomer.

The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy

As an undertaker, there isn’t anyone in Tanria who gets under Mercy’s skin quite like the marshal Hart. The two have exasperating run-in after exasperating run-in, and after one such incident, Hart finds himself writing a letter to no one in particular. When he gets a surprise response, he finds he has a new pen pal and a friendship is born. Unfortunately, the person Hart has been sharing his deepest darkest secrets to is none other than the person he loathes most in the world: Mercy. What will happen to their budding romance when their identities are finally revealed?

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