Bowser, the Over-Achieving Security App

PG apologizes to any who have had any problems logging into TPV in the past couple of days.

For some reason (or perhaps for no reason), TPV has been subject to regular and substantial attempts to break into its inner sanctum over the past 3-5 years.

When these attacks first began, PG installed a pit bull security app that has done a superb job of protecting TPV and keeping it perking along in its usual jaunty fashion.

Lately, due to reasons PG has not yet been able to ascertain, Bowser the pit bull, has taken to gnawing on the ankles of a few perfectly respectable visitors to TPV, on occasion locking them out from signing in for a period of time.

PG is investigating Bowser’s problem to see if he can fix his overly-aggressive behavior or if it will be necessary to acquire a new pit bull puppy and put Bowser down.

In the meantime, if you are not a member of some Dark Cabal bent on destroying TPV and find that Bowser has treated you badly, please let PG know via the Contact button toward the top of the blog and he will help you return back to your proper place among the commenting elite.