Great Print Ads

Has anybody seen an advertisement for a traditionally-published book as eye-catching and memorable as these?

BMW – Women Drivers

Land Rover

Staedtler pencils

WMF Grand Gourmet knife


Keloptic, an online retailer selling prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses

French Ministry of Health – Childhood Obesity

 Chupa Chips – Sugar-Free

4 thoughts on “Great Print Ads”

  1. The Keloptic ad is very, uh, eye-catching – the entire French government coming down on fat children, disgusting. And if the BMW one is true (these things are highly, uh, driven, by the prompts used to elucidate them and the material used to train the AI), disturbing.

    But it is all JUST ads and ad copy. There are some very clever people working in advertising, both traditional and shocking. It’s too bad they’ll never hang in a museum. Advertising, by its very nature, must be ephemeral. Must be frustrating, always having to go for the NEW!

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