Health Downdate

PG went to the doctor this morning and was diagnosed with an eye infection.

He has a couple of new prescriptions in addition to the old gang and his eyes are very bloodshot, which is likely to frighten his offspring if they see him in this condition. He is following medical advice and applying antibiotic drops to his eyes every couple of hours.

The eye infection is in addition to a chest infection which has removed any aspirations to become a party boy in the next few weeks.

6 thoughts on “Health Downdate”

  1. Thanks for the variety of responses, each in a different voice.

    Mrs. PG has been taking very good care of me.

    I’m feeling like I’m on a path to recovery and Mrs. PG is helping me to avoid doing dumb things.

    It’s easier than her normal task because I’m not moving very fast in any direction.

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