IPA welcomes Internet Archive Judgement.

From The New Publishing Standard:

IPA Secretary General José Borghino said:

“Given the enormous significance of this case to the global publishing industry, the IPA is deeply heartened by the comprehensive judgement of the US Court. Its firm backing of basic copyright principles is particularly comforting. IPA affirmed these principles in our Amicus brief to the Court, along with additional concerns about the United States’ international treaty obligations to uphold copyright protections on the Internet.”

The IPA statement further includes remarks from the President and CEO of the Association of American Publishers, Maria A. Pallante, who said:

“The publishing community is grateful to the Court for its unequivocal affirmation of the Copyright Act and respect for established precedent. In rejecting arguments that would have pushed fair use to illogical markers, the Court has underscored the importance of authors, publishers, and creative markets in a global society. In celebrating the opinion, we also thank the thousands of public libraries across the country that serve their communities everyday through lawful eBook licenses. We hope the opinion will prove educational to the defendant and anyone else who finds public laws inconvenient to their own interests.”

Link to the rest at The New Publishing Standard

Let it be noted that this is one set of statements from Big Publishing that PG agrees with.