It’s National Proofreading Day! Here are 4 typos that changed history

From WQAD:

March 8th is National Proofreading Day! In 2011, Judy Beaver created the day in remembrance of her mom, who she says loved to correct people. She created the day on her mom’s birthday, as a fun way to remember her and help people take more time to proofread their work!

In the spirit of “Proofreading Day,” we thought it would be fun to take a look at what the world would be like if we didn’t proofread. With a little help from “Business Insider,” here are four typos that would’ve made the things we know and love… a lot different:

1. “” was almost a thing!

In 1997, Larry Page and Sean Anderson were brainstorming names for a website with some fellow graduate students at Stanford University. Anderson threw out the term “googolplex,” which was later shortened to “googol.” But when he went to check the availability of the domain name, he mistakenly typed “google.” Fortunately, he liked his typo, and the rest is history! “” was born.

Link to the rest at WQAD and thanks to Dave for the tip.