Reading fiction ‘significantly’ reduces stress

From The Bookseller:

The Queen’s Reading Room –  the literary charity set up by Queen Camilla in 2021 – has found that reading fiction can “significantly” reduce stress.

The research, which was carried out by Trinity McQueen and Split Second Research, is the first to be commissioned by the charity. 

Participants in a neuroscientific study were asked to complete a number of tasks while having biometric reading taken. The findings suggest that reading fiction for just five minutes reduced stress by nearly 20%. 

Qualitative elements of the study found that reading fiction can also reduce loneliness and improve focus. High-frequency fiction readers reported finding it easier to read a map, find a new place and follow a newspaper story and were more likely to believe that reading fiction kept their brain sharp and improved their intellect. 

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Speaking about the results, Vicki Perrin, chief executive of The Queen’s Reading Room, said: “As a charity, we are fascinated by the relationship between reading and wellbeing and it comes as no surprise to us that there are clear benefits to reading. We are delighted that our very first neuroscientific study has been able to confirm what we have all known for so long – that there is an important link between improved mental health, brain health and social connectedness, and that it should be nurtured further. 

“While this research has only just begun to scratch the surface of what reading can do for our well-being, we very much hope that the results of our study will spur a shift in the way we think about reading.”

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PG expects that he’s not the only regular reader to be unsurprised at the findings in the OP that reading is very good for him, Mrs. PG, any number of PG offspring and a large number of friends.