SEO Killed The Internet

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Keywords! Keywords! Keywords! Make sure your article is 2 pages long. Make sure to write a readable SEO friendly way. Don’t mess with the format too much because we won’t rank, son! Don’t use too many fancy words that people don’t google. Lists! Lists! Lists! Pad it out, boy! Keywords!

SEO has killed the internet. SEO has killed creativity. I am not even joking here. How many times in the last 5 years have you googled something and actually found what you were looking for without appending “Reddit” to the end of the query? The worst part is, even when you do find something, you have to sift through a boring, long article about something completely different until you find what you were looking for. If you ever do, that is.

Google is basically a search engine for finding Reddit posts nowadays. Intellectual writing is gone, there is a template for everything now. Writers end up horribly depressed or worse, give up writing altogether. Writing in today’s day and age is less about engaging in intellectual discourse, birthing a new world, and telling a story. Now it is all about selling a narrative, product, or service.

Think about it. Even fantasy writers have to write out an SEO-friendly blog post in order to sell their book.

Now, I can already see the comment: “You’re just angry because you don’t know how to write good SEO.” To you dear commenter, all I have to say is that it’s not about the SEO it’s the fact that all we read is SEO. There is a science to it and as always formulas ruin creativity. Sure, you can play around in the bounds of the template, but is that really what you want from an artform? It’s like Picasso using a coloring book and just choosing the colors.

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PG thought he was the only one seeing Reddit in all his online search results.

2 thoughts on “SEO Killed The Internet”

  1. a lot of YouTube/reddit on how to do stuff with modern tech/games. seriously who designs an stove element that needs weight before it will turn on.

    Funny enough a couple of our web writer where talking about how to improve our SEO this morning, I compared it to writing so a ai could score you.

  2. “PG thought he was the only one seeing Reddit in all his online search results.”

    Maybe not all, but a couple. I have seen a lot of results to my questions about, say, household repairs, with companies offering an answer and an ad.

    I’ve turned to YouTube to find answers to those kinds of questions.

    It doesn’t help that Google shadow bans content it doesn’t like.

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