Amazon Launches New Ebook Quality Dashboard in Kdp

From The Digital Reader:

I just got an email from Amazon informing me that the retailer has added a new section to KDP called the eBook Quality Dashboard.  This is where Amazon will communicate any formatting issues. complaints, or errors reported by users.

I can’t see that page right now (neither of my workbooks have problems ATM) but I get the impression from the related help page that the EQD is intended to make it easier for those who have dozens or hundreds of titles in KDP to respond to multiple bug reports. The EQD will let users sort and filter the reported issues by attributes like:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Status (e.g., suppressed, warning)
  • Issue type (e.g., eBook content, metadata)

Link to the rest at The Digital Reader

PG received the same email and thinks the Ebook Quality Dashboard is  a good idea.

7 thoughts on “Amazon Launches New Ebook Quality Dashboard in Kdp”

  1. Since overwhelmingly the complaints I’ve received are things like people telling me that ‘materiel’ (used in the military sense) is a typo, I am not enthused. :,

    • I’m about 50/50 on actual typos that the editor and I missed and things that are not errors. I do hope traditional publishers get this same stuff, as I find plenty of typos in their books too. 🙂

  2. The vast majority of complaints I get are when I use words people don’t know (for some strange reason) or they think I’ve used a word incorrectly which isn’t usually the case.

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