Audible can now read you a goodnight story at InterContinental Hotels

From Fast Company:

The next time you check in to an InterContinental Hotel, you’ll want to check out Audible’s new playlist. The hotel and resort chain has teamed up with the digital story company for a new collection, called Stories of the InterContinental Life, curated in part by the executive producer of The Paris Review podcast, Brendan Francis Newnam.

The new audio library pairs literary works with iconic travel destinations (think: Breakfast at Tiffany’s and New York) where InterContinental Hotels & Resorts properties are located. Newnam, who must be the luckiest man alive, will also host a Literary Concierge Series, a literary salon for hotel guests. Travelers who really want to get lost in a good book can sign up for the hotels’ Novel Nights package, which includes an Audible download card and late checkout in case you stay up all night listening to a good book.

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