Dashiell Hammett AI

Prompt: write the first paragraph of a noir detective novel in the style of Dashiell Hammett

Chat GPT 3.5: The night draped itself over the city like a worn-out trench coat, all shadows and whispers. I sat behind my desk, the dim glow of a solitary lamp flickering like the last ember in a dying fire. The cigarette smoke curled lazily, weaving tales of sin and secrets into the air. The rain tapped on the window, a rhythm that mirrored the clandestine dance of crime on the mean streets. The dame who walked through my door was trouble, and I could smell it like cheap perfume in a crowded gin joint. She had legs that stretched for miles, and eyes that had seen one too many double-crosses. As she spoke, her words cut through the smoke, revealing a plot thicker than the fog rolling in from the waterfront. Another night in this city of broken dreams, where the only thing certain was the uncertainty of the next twist in the dark alleys of deception.

And two DALL-E images generated from the first two sentences of the Chat GPT response above: