Four authors leave Blair Partnership over Rowling controversy

From The Bookseller:

J K Rowling’s agency The Blair Partnership has lost four of its author clients over the controversy surrounding the Harry Potter author’s views on transgender law reform. 

Fox Fisher, Drew Davies and Ugla Stefanía Kristjönudóttir Jónsdóttir–all of whom identify as LGBTQIA authors–quit the agency saying they were unconvinced it “supports our rights at all avenues”. One further author, who opted to remain anonymous, has also departed.

According to the Guardian, Jónsdóttir–who is also known as Owl Fisher and is the co-author of the Trans Teen Survival Guide (from the Hachette-owned publishing company Jessica Kingsley Publishers)–suggested the literary agency should conduct staff training with the group All About Trans but “these requests weren’t met positively by the management”. The Blair Partnership declined to comment to The Bookseller on whether such a suggestion for staff training was rebuffed but as part of a broader statement said it would not “meet [the authors’] demands to be re-educated to their point of view”.

The authors leaving the agency wrote in a joint statement: “This decision is not made lightly, and we are saddened and disappointed it has come to this. After J K Rowling’s — who is also signed to the agency — public comments on transgender issues, we reached out to the agency with an invitation to reaffirm their stance to transgender rights and equality. After our talks with them, we felt that they were unable to commit to any action that we thought was appropriate and meaningful. Freedom of speech can only be upheld if the structural inequalities that hinder equal opportunities for underrepresented groups are challenged and changed.

“Affirmations to support LGBTQIA people as a whole need to be followed up by meaningful and impactful action, both internally and publicly. As LGBTQIA writers ourselves we feel strongly about having an agency that supports our rights at all avenues, and does not endorse views that go against our values and principles.”

Link to the rest at The Bookseller

PG wonders if Ms. Rowling is inclined to shelter in place somewhere with no newspapers and no internet service. There must be a placid island for sale in the South Atlantic that would serve.

7 thoughts on “Four authors leave Blair Partnership over Rowling controversy”

  1. Somehow, I don’t think that Ms. Rowling has that inclination, PG. Those who fight their way out of government dependency tend to be pretty tough birds.

    Some kudos here, I think, is due to the agency that decided to not get woke and go broke.

  2. I appreciate Blair’s statement about refusing to be re-educated to agree with those leaving the agency.
    Even if in my cynical opinion is that it’s the money talking – I’m sure Rowling brings in much more than these four – it is good to see any organization stand up to the bullying.

    • As the token Lesbian I can speak rainbow.

      QIA stands for queer, intersex, and assexual.

      I used to think Lesbigator – LGBT – was a word that made it fun to be outside the normal, but it never stops there, where the fun is, someone always has to go and make it serious.

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