2 thoughts on “Is the Publishing Trade Press Dead?”

  1. The Bookseller just went up.


    Publisher’s Weekly, too.


    Publisher’s lunch had it “early”, as in day three, but it is subscription only:


    By contrast, Goodereader (I know, special K!) had it 4 days ago.

    The progression went from Reddit, who had it from day one, Oct 20; to enthusiast sites, Goodereader on the 11th and Digital Reader on the 13th; to the IT media, ZDNET, ENGADGET,CNET, etc; to the business, mainstream, and local media, early the 15th; to the trade press finally on the afternoon of the sixth day.

    It *is* odd.
    In most other industries the insiders get it first (it’s their beat) and going by the Publisher’s Lunch piece, the publishing press knew of it by monday night at tbe latest.

    They just chose not to say anything, apparently.
    Fits their track record of “see no evil, hear no evil, and never ever say anthing evil”, except about Amazon where it is a daily refrain.

    By today when local media in NJ had the story they could no longer circle the wagons.

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